Friday, September 10, 2010

God is now on Facebook

I've been noticing that a lot of my religious family members and friends keep posting God related comments and quotes from the Bible and it's really starting to piss me off. One of my beloved aunt's just posted "If we forget God, Satan will rule. If we forget God, our Nation is through" and I finally got the nerve to respond and wrote this:
"personally, I'm for the separation of church and state and find the infiltration of religion into law/school and our public system very problematic. This is coming from someone who is an atheist and also lives a moral lifestyle, and gets frustrated when history gets revised because of religion (Texas school board wanted to emphasize that our founding fathers were Christian (and they were not)--due to this, the writers who create school textbooks have to cater to these ideas (which then get moved nationwide). Just a thought."

I'm so sick of people writing "oh god" this and "oh god" that. I think every time I see a facebook status that refers to god I'm going to write in mine "There is no god, embrace the light."


  1. And you have every right to post just what you want! Just like your "friends" and family have every right to post whatever they want on their very own facebook. If one of my friends or family members posted something snarky and antagonistic like that in response to something I posted, though, I don't think I'd be able to think of them as kindly in the future. I doubt what they wrote was directed at you, personally. If I were you, I'd rather overlook a few ideological disagreements and keep a few friends than piss people off, just for the sake of pissing them off.

  2. I agree with several of the points you make. After several comments were made to my post on facebook, I received an e-mail from this relative apologizing for the harassment that I received after. Several of the comments after my post were more snarky than mine, which I guess is a part of online discussions. Overall, I think my comment on my relative's status was directed more at a need to question how religion infiltrates our institutions (esp. education).

  3. cc ..... you guys better hope there is a God. and by the way there is. and a heaven and a hell. I just pray you find out before its to late. he can and will help you if you ask.I had a near death experiance i loved him before but now i have seen it well theres alot to look forward to. love CC