Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yeah for the end of the semester!

Today is my last day of classes, well those that I'm teaching. I have to meet on Monday to give a presentation, but other than that I'm almost done. I just need to wrap up some final papers, grade final papers, and then I can bundle up by the.... well no fireplace anymore, so no fire, but I can still watch Christmas movies and catch on my reading until we leave for Virginia.
A few things that I worked on this semester include:
-Did some fieldwork on female atheists
-Theorized about atheism
-Researched (and loved it by the way) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-Collected some data for my project I got some money for
-Got teacher-student study up and running
-Worked on networking/collaborating with those outside my dept.

Some goals for break:
-Try to read four books a week
-Work on teacher-student study
-Submit an abstract for a conference
-Revise syllabi for next semester

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